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Chili Nilly

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The perfect chili seasoning mix! Our family favorite gourmet chili seasoning recipe is thoughtfully hand packed in reusable glass spice jars. Chili Nilly is a secret blend of gourmet spices, is itself vegan friendly, gluten & MSG free, and If sodium is of importance, there is 1 tablespoon of salt in each jar.
This recipe is sure to delight both your palate and your tummy! Great chili should make you smile!!

Chili Nilly is a proud partner of GO-TEXAN!

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What Goes Into Every Jar -

Chili Nilly is a longtime family recipe favorite. It was during a summer trip to Vail in 2013, when sitting around with friends, someone said "you could literally put this stuff in a jar." Shortly thereafter, Chili Nilly gourmet chili seasoning was born. It's thoughtfully made with the finest and most flavorful spices and each jar is hand packed with whole bay leaves. The simple recipe gives you the most perfect consistent result every time. For those that like to get creative, it's a simple recipe to tweak as well.

The thought of other friends and families making Chili Nilly, filling their kitchens with the incredible aroma, and making it a part of their family tradition, simply warms my heart and makes me smile!