Fix it up!

Simple directions for the perfect chili are on the back of every jar. You can use any type of meat you enjoy. Try ground beef, turkey, chicken, bison, venison, plant based meat, no meat, etc. Chili Nilly isn't picky. It makes it all taste amazing. It can be prepared either on your stove top or in a crock pot.
Chili Nilly is in itself vegan friendly, gluten, and MSG free. It can be easily prepared and served, and IF you have any leftovers, it freezes beautifully! It's not just for cold weather either, it's wonderful for summer get-togethers too!
Recipe using Chili Spice

Some favorite ways to enjoy delicious Chili Nilly include but are not limited to the following:

  • Eat simply topped with cheese
  • An absolute favorite- the classic Frito pie, topped with cheese and sour cream
  • A spoon and crackers
  • Spooned over angel hair pasta topped with cheese and purple onions
  • Over tamales or enchiladas
  • Ladled over a loaded baked potato
  • Poured onto a jumbo hot dog, topped with all the fixings
  • The messiest and most delicious Chili cheeseburger
  • Piled onto tostada chips, topped with queso and jalapenos-the BEST nachos ever.

There's just no wrong way to enjoy your CHILI NILLY. Make it your own and be creative. Your tummy will smile!!🤗