Best Chili Powder

What makes Chili Nilly the best chili powder you can buy? Our gourmet chili seasoning mix contains only fresh, gourmet spices, including whole Bay leaves- no gluten, no fillers, and no MSG to fool your taste buds. If you love a hearty chili supper, try our family's recipe found on the Chili Nilly website, made easy on stove-top or in the crockpot.

Best Cooking Rubs for Meat

If you've ever tried Chili Nilly, you know it makes an incredible homemade chili, but did you know it's also one of the best cooking rubs for meat? As a dry rub, nothing on the market beats Chili Nilly- it's easy to use, tastes great, and contains nothing but our gourmet spice blend and a lot of love from our family to yours.

Best Seasoning for Burgers

Chili Nilly is hands-down the best seasoning for burgers on the outdoor grill. If you're looking for a way to spice up your next family barbecue, try Chili Nilly gourmet Tex-Mex seasoning as a dry rub for chicken, steaks, ribs, or sprinkles into your burger mix. Chili Nilly makes an awesome homemade chili, as well.

Best Seasoning for Chicken

Chili Nilly is not just the best seasoning mix for your homemade chili, it's also the best seasoning for chicken on the grill. If you love the authentic Tex-Mex flavor of real gourmet spices used for making chili, you'll want to try Chili Nilly as a dry chicken rub the next time your family asks for barbecued chicken.

Best Seasoning for Steak

Chili Nilly is known far and wide as the very best Tex-Mex chili spice mix, but it's also the best seasoning for Steak on the grill. Use Chili Nilly as a dry rub on your favorite cuts of steak and experience perfection from the very first bite. Give Chili Nilly as a gift, too, when you shop our gourmet spice baskets.

Chilly Powder

Everyone in your family will love the taste of homemade chili made with Chili Nilly chilly powder mix; it's MSG-free and made with gourmet spices, including whole bay leaves. Add ground beef, turkey, chicken, bison, venison, or your favorite sausage and freeze any leftovers for an easy second meal.

Spice Powder

For that great Tex-Mex chili flavor, try Chili Nilly spice powder for consistent results every time. Your family will love homemade chili made from our gourmet seasoning mix; for exceptional results, try our own chili recipe found on the Chili Nilly website. Top with cheese & crackers or ladlel over hotdogs, cheeseburgers, or baked potatoes.

Spicy Seasoning for Chicken

As a spicy seasoning for chicken on the barbecue, nothing beats Chili Nilly- our gourmet seasoning mix contains fresh spices and no MSG. Dry rub Chili Nilly on chicken breasts or split a whole chicken and cover on both sides before grilling over a low heat. You'll get rave reviews the next time you use our Tex-Mex seasoning mix.

Tastiest Chilly Powder

Try Chili Nilly when you're looking for the tastiest chilly powder on the market- you'll love getting consistently delicious results every time you use our gourmet seasoning mix for creating Tex-Mex chili. Use our own family's recipe to duplicate 5-star homemade chili for ladling over hotdogs, nachos, cheeseburgers, or baked potatoes.

Uses for Chilly Powder

One of the best uses for chilly powder is for making homemade gourmet chili to ladle over hotdogs and cheeseburgers at your next family get-together. Chili Nilly makes it easy to create 5-star chili every time, with results so consistent, you'll never buy another chili seasoning again. Check out our family's chili recipe online.