Best Cooking Rubs for Meat

If you love to cook on the grill, but you wish you could kick things up a notch, it is a good idea to start looking into the best cooking rubs for meat. When most people start grilling, they are unsure of the differences between dry rubs and marinades. The more you look into dry rub recipes and the various flavors that work well with certain meats, the easier it will be for you to start grilling to perfection. 

Once you start to research the best BBQ rubs to buy online, you will find a whole world of flavor out there that you could only dream about. After you start to dabble with the top dry rubs available today, you can learn more about the best methods for shopping and applying the finest quality herbs and spices on the market.

Selecting Your Meats

While this may seem obvious, you should know that you cannot use just any rub on any meat. You can season your steaks with a good steak dry rub, but you don’t want to use that on fish or lamb. If it is your first time using a rub on your grilled meats, it is often best to pick something familiar with cooking. Then you can easily compare your results when finished with the best dry rubs. 

Selecting Your Rubs 

Rather than picking up just anything from the grocery store, you should do yourself a favor and look for the best cooking rubs for meat online from specialty vendors. These are companies that have passionate people behind the spices. Everything has been tested and tried to ensure quality and the best flavors for grilling fanatics.

Ready Your Grill 

You have a couple of options when it is time to apply your rub. You can either put the meat on the grill right after application, or you can wait for a bit. Always make sure that your grill is up to the correct temperature and that the grates are clean before you put on your meat. When using delicate meats such as seafood, you will always benefit from using a grill basket to prevent sticking and tearing.

Prepping The Meat

You should always quickly rinse your meat with cold water to remove any potential contaminants from the surface. After you rinse, you should then blot the meat with a dry paper towel to get all of the excess moisture off. You can then coat the meat with a layer of olive oil with your hands or gloves so that you have a nice even coating. Then, apply your dry rub of choice generously and vigorously rub to ensure that you get all of the seasonings packed onto the meat.

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