Tastiest Chilly Powder

Try The Original Chili Nilly when you want the tastiest chilly powder on the market for your homemade chili. Nothing else tastes like our secret family recipe of gourmet spices blended to perfection; now you can purchase Chili Nilly over the Web for yourself or order a seasoning basket to give as a gift to family, friends, clients, or workers at your place of business. Using our family’s recipe provided on our website, you’ll make the best chili ever using Chili Nilly.

5 Reasons Why You Can Rest Assured That Chili Nilly is the Tastiest Chili Powder Around

1. We don’t add any filler ingredients to our seasoning mix, like MSG to fool your tastebuds into believing they’ve hit on something extraordinary only to find you need a tall glass of water to quell your thirst. MSG is the #1 seasoning mix add-in because it’s cheap and for a short time, it makes food taste good; however, within a few minutes, it becomes apparent that you’re just tasting a modified salt product. Chili Nilly is a top chili powder containing only fresh, gourmet spices, including whole Bay leaves, for genuine flavor your family will love. Our seasoning is one of the only Chili powders for cooking without inferior ingredients added.

2. Chili Nilly doesn’t take any shortcuts, like so many other seasoning mix companies do, when packaging our Tex-Mex spice mix. The tastiest chilly powder in the world arrives in a reusable glass spice jar that results in one less piece of plastic in the local landfill. Chili Nilly is thoughtfully hand-packed with a generous amount of whole Bay leaves atop of our blend of seasoning; it’s ideal for gift-giving! You won’t find Chili Nilly around other homemade chili powder for sale in the store, but you can order it from our website.

3. We believe authentic flavor comes from pure ingredients, not added items that result in having to use a lot of seasoning to get a little bit of flavor. For this reason, you can be certain that Chili Nilly is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and 100% free of MSG, containing only our secret blend of gourmet chili spices- nothing more. If you’re in the mood for a tasty chili supper, start with the tastiest chilly powder you can find, from Chili Nilly.

4. Chili powder recipes can vary significantly in taste; if you want more consistent results, we invite you to try our blend of secret family spices passed down through the generations- it’s not your ordinary chili powder seasoning!

5. Our no-fail recipe ensures your chili will come out perfectly every time. Use ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork, venison, sausage, or bison along with our website’s recipe for 5-star chili; serve it up with cheese & oyster crackers or ladle over cheeseburgers, hotdogs, pasta, tamales, enchiladas, baked potatoes, or warm tostada chips.

If you have questions about our product, contact the Original Chili Nilly or browse our website for more information about the tastiest chilly powder you’ll find anywhere. Visit us on Facebook, as well!