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Rubs are mixtures of spices that allow to highlight the flavor of the food (mainly proteins) and help to make incredible dishes. There are different types of blends, each with different flavors and effects on the palate. One of the most popular and exquisite to buy, is the chili rubs. These seasonings are composed of a mixture of one or more chili peppers, accompanied by other spices, which give a Tex style flavor to the food.

It is excellent to give a spicy flavor to the meat, besides that smoked smell that gives the plus to the food and makes the difference. Besides, a good mixture of chilies, helps to soften the meat, allowing it to be tasted with pleasure. Within the options in the market to acquire, the best option is Chilly Nilly. It is essential you understand why it is the best chilly power to go with your dishes.

Why Choose Chilly Nilly?

Most commercial products are the result of industrial processes and spice selections made practically at random. Chilly Nilly was born from a secret family recipe and the idea of commercializing the product when on a summer trip in 2003. Our friends encouraged putting this family mix in a jar.

It is a selection of exquisite premium spices, handmade, with a family sense. It has been our family's favorite from generation to generation. Today, your family can also enjoy this incredible spice powder in your preparations.

What Awesome Products Do We Have for You?

Chilly Nilly: it is our star product, an exquisite choice of spices whose center is that incredible spice that chili brings. It is one of the highest qualities of the line, being proudly distinguished with “Go Texan.”

Not only is it the best dry rub for meat, but its versatility will allow you to use it on chicken, pork, venison, or any other you select. Also, you can use it in other preparations like tacos, enchiladas, and the most exquisite preparations of Tex-Mex food.

It is a completely healthy product. It is gluten & MSG-free and low sodium. Also, it is vegan friendly so its versatility is unmatched. It is one of the best selections of species that you can purchase for any meal.

Gift Baskets: This is a promotional product, which will allow you to create beautiful gifts for any occasion. Its main component is, of course, our incredible Chilly Nilly, but you can configure it according to your tastes and budget. You can buy gift baskets for a special being, or as an ideal complement to a corporate event, or as a promotional element.

Unbeatable Price

Our star product has one of the most competitive prices on the market. Each Jar costs just $8, giving you an incredible price/value ratio. Besides, thinking of the entire satisfaction of the client, we offer a refund policy, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Get the Top Chilly Powder!

It's time to take your food to the next level, and for that, you won't find a better option than Chilly Nilly. Let yourself in preparing delicious dishes at the level of the best gourmet cuisine. Contact the Original Chili Nilly to learn more about our amazing products.