Best Seasoning for Burgers

Get the Best Seasoning for Burgers

The hamburger is definitely one of the icons of American food. You can't have a good barbecue on a Sunday if you don't prepare some juicy and delicious burgers. While it's essential to choose a good cut of meat (80% lean meat, 20% fat is the ideal ratio), the secret to achieving spectacular meat is to choose the best burger seasoning.

In the market, you will surely find a variety of options that claim to be the best burger seasoning for grilling. However, you will not find a greater alternative than Chilly Nilly. It is essential you understand why we are the best seasoning for burgers.

Why is Chilly Nilly the Best Burger Seasoning?

For you to delight your guests, the burger must be tasty inside and out. Chilly Nilly is made with a secret blend of extraordinary spices, which when mixed with the meat will achieve spectacular shades in the result. These spices activate their extraordinary attributes as the temperature rises, releasing the essential oils that give the meat its great flavor.

Although some products in the market have a similar mixture, a reason makes Chilly Nilly the best dry rubs for burgers: quality. The spices selected for the preparation of our product are of the highest quality. This is crucial since it allows them to keep their attributes from the moment of packaging, until the moment you prepare your incredible burgers.

Carbohydrate Free

Many of the commercial seasonings on the market have significant amounts of carbohydrates. This is done by producing companies to reduce production costs. In the case of Chilly Nilly, the product does not contain any type of carbohydrate.

In fact, we are proud to be one of the top of the line hamburger seasonings that are 100% gluten and MSG-free. This on the one hand avoids that secondary products intervene in the formation of flavors, and damage the properties of the cut you have chosen for your burgers. Moreover, people with coeliac disease or intolerant to MSG will be able to consume it without problems.

Salt to Your Taste

Each chef have their own particular taste in the salt levels of their burgers. In that sense, we have prepared you a leading product with minimum amounts of salt. In every bottle of Chilly Nilly you buy, you will only have one tablespoon of salt. This way, you'll have control over it at all times, and will be able to prepare unique meat in your own style.

Go Veggie

Nowadays, a variety of people have adopted different lifestyles, like vegetarian or vegan. With them in mind, Chilly Nilly is a completely vegan-friendly top product. This allows you to enjoy its extraordinary flavor when preparing burgers with vegan options like soy meat, without compromising the quality of the result.

Get the Premier Seasoning for Your Burgers

It's time to take your seasoning recipes for burgers to the next level, and for that, there's nothing better than Chilly Nilly. Surprise your family and guests at the next barbecue with a unique, original, and wonderful flavor. Contact the Original Chili Nilly to learn more about our amazing products.