Best Seasoning for Steak

How to Select the Best Seasoning for Steak?

Steak is definitely the king of a good barbecue. There is nothing like an extraordinary and juicy cut, with a perfect grill and exceptional flavor. One of the essential elements for you to make a world-class result is seasoning.

Choosing the best steak seasoning will help you enhance the flavor of the meat and achieve a unique and delicious result. You are sure to find a variety of options in the market. That's why you should take into account some key aspects, so you can choose the best seasoning for steak.

How to Choose the Best Steak Seasoning?

Versatile Mix

The top-of-the-line seasonings on the market are composed of different selections of spices. The best dry rubs for steaks are those you can use on any piece of meat you select. Keep in mind that different parts of the cattle have different proportions of protein and fat. Also, the hardness of the meat varies from one to another. Therefore, the seasoning you choose has to be the perfect fit for all of them.

Quality of Spices

The best steak seasoning for grilling depends on the quality of the spices that make up the product. Many of these tend to lose properties, and you will not meet the result you want. For example, poor quality pepper oxidizes quickly when the grain is broken, so it will lose its flavor when packed. Make sure that the seasoning you choose is made up of top-quality ingredients so that you can guarantee a delicious meal when you use it over and over.

Low Sodium

One of the crucial aspects of achieving the greatest steak is the time to add salt to your marinade. On many occasions, you have to season the piece cold or even frozen. Adding an excess of salt at this point will make the meat hard, impossible to eat. The perfect seasoning should be low in salt since its role is to add flavor. For example, our premier Chilli Nilly has only one tablespoon of salt per jar.

Gluten & MSG Free

A variety of low-end products on the market increase the volume of the seasoning powder with other products, mainly carbohydrates. This can be harmful to people with coeliac disease or allergic to monosodium glutamate. Therefore, it is essential that the product you choose does not contain these components, so that you avoid any discomfort among your guests.


Last but not least, it is essential that the product you choose offers you an excellent price/quality ratio. Many times people get carried away by products labeled "Premium" or "Gourmet." The ugly truth is these are not much different from all the seasonings marked as "Regular." It is essential then you select a seasoning that will give you an incredible result at a competitive price.

Get the Greatest Seasoning for Your Meats

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